Is having fun the best way to learn?

Posted by Martin on Mar 16, 2018 12:48:14 PM

How important is having fun to the learning process? This is a question that teachers and administrative staff of schools around the world have been thinking about. Some say that once the children start having fun, they will loose their focus and not be able to learn anymore. Others believe that allowing the kids to use their imagination and learn in an environment that is not "controlled" is the best way for them to succeed.

This is similar to our philosophy at Bonjour NY. We believe that the best way to teach kids in general is by allowing them to have fun and showing them that learning does not have to be boring. Take a look at this TED talk from Takaharu Tezuka, a Japanese Architect that built a school where children are outside most of the day but also does not look anything like the "usual" school design. It does not have any boundaries between classrooms and outside; take a look!

What do you think? Do children need to be in a controlled environment where their progress is monitored or should we just allow them to grow at their own pace? Or maybe a mix of both where we set goals for them and let them achieve them at their own pace and in their own way?

That's right, children who learn languages at an early age are proved to:


  • Score higher in academic tests
  • Become better problem-solvers
  • Be better critical thinkers

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